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Here’s a cool idea from Tesco, who are looking to monetise as much of their store experience as possible in the face of tough economic conditions.

Until July 22nd Tesco ATM receipts will double as discount vouchers on a range of products available instore. If successful, it’ll be rolled out nationwide.

I like this idea: it means a previously worthless piece of paper is now transformed into the driver of a sale, and Tesco have another means of pushing you in the direction of products they want to sell, e.g. special offers. These vouchers will work better than clubcard ones which arrive in the post; there is a shorter lag time between receiving the voucher and stepping in store, so the customer is more motivated to buy and less likely to forget to use the voucher.

As a bonus it will cut down on the number of people who leave their ATM receipts blowing round Tescos car parks and also encourage more people to use their ATMs over other providers; great when many tesco ATMs (especially at Tesco express locations) compete with banks and other institutions along the high street.

Tesco hopes to issue 5m vouchers during the trial, and I would be surprised if this form of advertising doesn’t catch on amongst other retailers and high street ATM providers.


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Homer Simpson’s favourite snack has forced it’s way into my concious this week as Krispy Kreme have launched a festival of chocolate throughout October. I think this is a great campaign for two reasons: one, they aren’t pushing it a massive amount but I expect them to get great results (keep reading…) and two, because of the timing.

Krispy Kreme’s website [by Camden agency blue barracuda] explains all on the new chocolate varieties of doughnut as well as providing a handy stor locator. So far, so normal I hear you say. Indeed, but the clever bit is Krispy Kreme have sent a clever threshers-style unregulated voucher to their mailing list which is now travelling round on email at a rapid pace. The voucher entitles the bearer to one free chocolatey doughnut each time they show it at the store until October 31st:



I received it this afternoon and the email trail revealed it had been fwded 5 times to over 32 people since friday, and the history didn’t reach back to source. A great offer, with a nice viral element. But the real genius for me lies in the timing. This time of year is pretty depressing; the weather has turned nasty, you have to get used to waking and travelling home in the dark, and this year we’re being constantly force-fed bad news at every turn.

What better pick me up than a free doughnut? And if you can’t get to the store why not send someone you like a Krispy Kreme via facebook. Gotta be better than another pair of pants or a ridiculous teddy bear. I know which I’d appreciate more!

Well done Krispy Kreme for putting out a well coordinated campaign at very little effort (email and website update seem to be the only real promos as far as I can see). And although the cost in doughnuts might be high, I reckon KK can survive!

See you in the queue!

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