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With information on the royal wedding now being announced and experts predicting that it could be a £640m shot in the arm for the UK economy, it seems like Kate & William’s big day is going to spark a frenzy of purchasing within the UK market, by ardent middle class royalists and foreign admirers of British tradition alike.

Who will be the main winners and losers though? I would suggest that long-time champions of the high street, especially those around 30 years ago will benefit; my one tip to do well is Woolworths, even though they are now a pureplay online retailer. Smaller homeware firms will also do well, many china manufacturers are already rushing out memorabilia.

Wedding-related businesses will also profit, as well as destinations associated with the royal couple e.g. St Andrews.

It will be interesting to see how the advertising departments at leading retailers and newspapers differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Royal Wedding tat always goes down well in the UK



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Here’s a cool idea from Tesco, who are looking to monetise as much of their store experience as possible in the face of tough economic conditions.

Until July 22nd Tesco ATM receipts will double as discount vouchers on a range of products available instore. If successful, it’ll be rolled out nationwide.

I like this idea: it means a previously worthless piece of paper is now transformed into the driver of a sale, and Tesco have another means of pushing you in the direction of products they want to sell, e.g. special offers. These vouchers will work better than clubcard ones which arrive in the post; there is a shorter lag time between receiving the voucher and stepping in store, so the customer is more motivated to buy and less likely to forget to use the voucher.

As a bonus it will cut down on the number of people who leave their ATM receipts blowing round Tescos car parks and also encourage more people to use their ATMs over other providers; great when many tesco ATMs (especially at Tesco express locations) compete with banks and other institutions along the high street.

Tesco hopes to issue 5m vouchers during the trial, and I would be surprised if this form of advertising doesn’t catch on amongst other retailers and high street ATM providers.

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Patagonia are one of the world’s biggest and most enduring clothing brands. They were set up by one of my all time climbing heroes Yvon Chouinard, and they’ve donated over $25m to good causes since their inception. However, they must have spent 25p doing research into internet marketing and in particular, SEO. Either that or their digital agency is pissed at them and has decided to give them a right old rinsing.

If you visit their homepage and scroll down to the bottom you’ll see what they’re calling a “search index page description”, or what I’d call “a load of keywords we had no idea what we were doing with so we just stuck them all at the bottom of the page.” I know the big G takes a massively dim view of this amateur-hour practice (at least it used to get done in the same colour as the background) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get penalised eventually.

My favourite bit is their attempt to get misspells into the SEO section by writing “If the whiskey bottle gets passed around the campfire too many times, folks might try and spell Patagonia like patigonia, pategonia, padagonia and pantagonia. Thank you for visiting Patagonia.” ahahaha

Guess it just goes to show that some big companies are still miles behind the curve when it comes to getting all of their online marketing channels in order. (although fair play to Patagnia, they do have a blog and podcasts, so at least they’re doing the fancy stuff, even if the basics are totally neglected) Cheers to Adam Dexter’s blog for the heads up.

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